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Reviving the land and finding our place.

We often discuss the problems our world faces; our unhealthy habits that damage our environment and bodies, poverty and hunger, and divisiveness in our communities. We often wonder what can be done, how to change our ways, and where to even start. All these problems seem so hopeless, that no matter what we do, we can’t make a difference. 

We CAN make a difference. And the answer is remarkably simple. The great Wendell Berry speaks to the importance of knowing our place on this earth and the people within that place. Get to know both better than you know anything else. And most importantly, observe and take action when they ask for what they need from you.

Our place is this farm and the community that surrounds it. It is our life’s work to know and care for them both in a way that remains true to their nature. Guided by the soil in our fields, the water in the streams, and the plants we grow, we’re hopeful that by living harmoniously and reciprocally with the land, with our animals, and with you, we can start to make a difference and be part of the solution. We CAN heal our minds and bodies, we CAN regenerate the environment, and we CAN connect to and support those most in need.