Grass fed beef

Our beef is organically raised, grass fed and grass finished, 100%. We breed our cows to calve late spring and early fall to ensure all calving occurs on pasture in a natural way. Grass fed meat has higher concentrations of fatty acids which have been linked to reductions in cardiovascular disease, improved neurological development and better immune function overall.



Grass fed lamb

Our lamb is organically raised, grass fed and grass finished, 100%. Our lambs are born mid spring. Lamb raised entirely on grass has a pastoral flavour, quite different than grain fed lamb. This unique combination of taste and tenderness makes our lamb extremely appetizing.


Pastured chicken

We raise white rock broilers from day old chicks to about 10 weeks of age. They start in a warm brooder with plenty of water and non-GMO premium feed. At 3-4 weeks old, we place on them on pasture in portable shelters that are moved daily to fresh grass. This allows them to forage naturally and consume a diverse diet that creates a succulent taste and texture that is unmatched by conventionally raised chicken.


Raw honey

We do not use pesticides that are harmful to bee populations. Unpasteurized, raw honey has many health benefits and is known for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


We practice kindness and humaneness in all we do.

We handle all our animals with care. We believe calm interaction contributes to their overall health and happiness as well as enhanced taste and tenderness. We transport our animals ourselves to our local processors, all within 40 minutes of our farm. Animal welfare and producing safe, wholesome products are among our top priorities as regenerative farmers. We know you care and we certainly do too.